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نظامت معاشیات اور شماریات
Planning Development and Monitoring Department, J&K

Physical Verification of Works

At a Glance (Physical Verfication of Works)

Works Assigned for Verification
Total No. of Works- 64593
New- 0 || Ongoing- 0 || Completed- 64593
Verification Completed Details
Total No. of Works- 64545
New- 0 ||
Pending at DSEO- 0 || Pending at RD - 0
Total Works Created
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UT Sector Details

Works Assigned for PV: 22213

Works having PV Completed: 22175

Works in Processing/Pending: 38

District Sector Details

Works Assigned for PV: 42380

Works having PV Completed: 42370

Works in Processing/Pending: 10